GEKKO MOUNT - the quickest GoPro® and Smartphone mount

Created by TheGearCrew

GEKKO MOUNT (ex. GekkoGum) is a highly versatile mount for your action cam and smartphone which comes as a malleable adhesive ball. With a retaining force comparable to Gecko feet it provides safe and instant support on almost every object or surface. GEKKO MOUNT now comes in a handy SILICONE POUCH and with MORE VOLUME! Next shipping date is 8th September 2017.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Our weekend poll - Your support is needed.
over 5 years ago – Mon, Nov 14, 2016 at 12:43:56 AM

Dear backers,
We are back with a poll. In regards to production of our GekkoGum wrap we would like to know, which packaging color you will prefer. Futhermore it would be wonderful to know, how you will use GekkoGum!


Please visit our FACEBOOK at and spend 10 seconds of your time for us. The poll is completely anonymous and without any registration! (poll also at


Have a nice weekend!

P R O J E C T S   W E   L I K E  !


Adventure Mat - A clean surface wherever you go.
Adventure Mat is the ultimate solution to the changing hassle. It's the smart way to change outdoors – simple to use, always clean on top, and when you’re done, it can be folded up with just one hand and tucked away. No awkward balancing or mess. Check them out HERE.


World's Toughest Duffel Bag
Backed by a lifetime warranty, we've created the toughest duffle bag on the planet! It's perfect for the gym, travel or any EDC adventure. They still have "Early Bird" pricing so check out their project now - CLICK HERE!

A reason to celebrate.
over 5 years ago – Sat, Nov 05, 2016 at 09:16:33 PM

Hi backers,

In the middle of our campaign we like to share some wonderful news with you.

GekkoGum has been discovered by GoPro®

and we´ve been invited to apply for the "Works With GoPro®" program.

To be directly invited by the company itself is really a great honor for us and shows that we (what naturally includes YOU!) are on the right way with GekkoGum.

This leap of faith is a reason to celebrate - so we spent the whole cold day on our bikes and made a new video! We will upload it to our campaign within next 24 hours.

20 seconds of preparation: A GoPro Session® cam on the hub of a mountain bike....
20 seconds of preparation: A GoPro Session® cam on the hub of a mountain bike....


Be prepared for some high speed action together with GekkoGum and two cams.

Thanks a lot for your support!


Our friends at Lume Cube are excited to announce the Līfe Līte: a new generation of mobile lifestyle lighting for iPhone, Android, and any casual capture device™. The Līfe Līte is the next generation of Lifestyle Lighting, enabling the everyday mobile photographer to access studio-quality lighting by reaching in their pocket. In a world where 2.3 billion people own smartphones, the Līfe Līte is the most innovative solution for low-light or night situations, offering a frictionless design geared toward the smartphone users, mobile content creators, and everybody in-between.


Delivering the same award-winning design and functionality as the original Lume Cube, the Līfe Līte is scaled down in size, weight, and price to offer mobile lighting to the masses.

over 5 years ago – Fri, Oct 14, 2016 at 11:16:22 AM

Dear all,

With your help GekkoGum has been funded within 48 hours - MANY THANKS for your support! Today we have added two snippets to our campaign and we will proceed with additional content next week.

Upside down - one of our new snippets!
Upside down - one of our new snippets!

Thank you very much & have a nice weekend!
Your GearCrew


P.S.: Our friends from FLECTR have reached the last week of their campaign, so thanks for stopping by over there. (With nearly 2.000 happy backers they have launched FLECTR 1.0 earlier this year and now they are back with their actual edition.)

FLECTR - more safety for demanding cyclists! Stylish, aerodynamic & weightless.
FLECTR - more safety for demanding cyclists! Stylish, aerodynamic & weightless.